Orientation and Planning

1: Preliminary Orientation

We begin with a thorough review of your existing lease document. We meticulously review all escalations including current rent bills, to verify actual charges. We specifically look for clauses that would adversely affect your company, with great emphasis on issues such as land leases, restoration clauses, overage charges, sublease clauses, and any subtle attempts by the landlord to add to the vulnerability of the tenant.

2: Planning Stage

In order to get the most accurate assessment of your space needs, we engage in a thorough analysis of all of your space needs. Included in that analysis are number of private offices, corner offices, conference rooms, board rooms, ratio of support staff to partners and associates, hospitality needs, storage, IT/telecom room, kitchen/lunch facilities, restrooms, physical fitness, reception and any other specific requirements that you may have. Once that analysis is complete, we’ll work with your architectural planners or ours as required to estimate the usable space requirement.

Often of special importance is the consideration of lease renewal. This is frequently the sensible, easiest and most cost effective solution. Here’s why it’s still essential to use a broker even if you plan to renew.

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