FNYR strategy

As a general rule, New York commercial real estate brokers work on behalf of the landlord, negotiating the highest possible rent and escalations on his behalf. At First New York Realty we work exclusively for prospective tenants who request our services. We neither handle assignments from landlords nor do we own or manage any properties in Manhattan. Our brokers are dedicated solely to finding the foremost locations and negotiating the best total solutions for our clients.

While we are committed to securing deals with low-cost rent, we recognize that there are innumerable hidden costs in the Manhattan commercial real estate market. Our background with the ins and outs of lease terms in New York City ensures customer satisfaction and prevents any “surprises” from surfacing for the duration of our clients’ lease contracts. Throughout the “relocation process” (link) we maintain an open dialogue both with our customers and with each other. Our experience in Manhattan has taught us that teamwork, open communication, and informed decision-making are the keys to success.