The ideal space for you

First New York Realty recognizes that the first requirement in negotiating an office lease is to develop a thorough understanding of your company’s needs. The second is to be thoroughly acquainted with the market. Our day-to-day involvement with the New York real estate market affords us not only advance information on properties becoming available, but also what specific advantages each property has to offer in terms of satisfying your needs.

Our brokers spend many hours in the field, surveying market conditions and evaluating specific trends. In addition to hands-on knowledge, First New York Realty is fully computerized, offering state of-the-art information gathering, comparative analysis, feasibility studies, etc. This information is all critical to the success of your relocation. And throughout the entire leasing process, our brokers make sure that you understand the underlying clauses and issues every step of the way.

FNYR consultants and support staff are integrated with the real estate brokers in order to form a team qualified to negotiate every aspect of your lease. With the knowledge that your bottom line goes far beyond the base rent per square foot, we negotiate the following points in your lease document, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in total cost.

With this understanding of the extent of FNYR’s involvement on your behalf, it is worth noting that even if you are not relocating, our consultants can bring substantial savings to your organization. Quite often a tenant isn’t thinking about a move, but other factors have caused their real estate situation to become unwieldy. Perhaps there’s been a merger or an acquisition. Perhaps a downturn in business has led to a downsizing. Or perhaps the local economy has shifted considerably, making your real estate expenditures appear high relative to market.

In such cases, our consulting department is well prepared to represent your interests with your current landlord in a lease renegotiation and/or renewal. We will examine several strategies and assist you in evaluating which plan would be most effective in the disposition of the space.

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