There is no cost to you

That’s right! You don’t pay a dime for our services. We are paid on a commission basis by the landlords and owners of the properties in which we place our customers. Why do they do this? From the landlord’s perspective, they are assured of an educated, quality tenant. There are far fewer surprises for either party when working through us as your tenant representative broker. Landlords know us. They know that we leave no stone unturned. They know that we understand their needs as well as yours. And they know that if they don’t negotiate a successful deal with us for our customer, we’ll take them – that is, you – somewhere else, where we can get the deal we want!

So keep these factors in mind as you read through the rest of this site.

1. Our experience is specifically relevant to your interest in the New York City market.
2. We only do tenant representation. We don’t work for landlords.
3. We’ve been doing what we do quite successfully for over 25 years.
4. And we don’t charge you for our services.

Doesn’t that sound like a win-win situation to you?!

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