Space Development

3: Space Survey

We personally supervise and prepare a comprehensive and current survey of all appropriate space availabilities. Our space research is reliable, professional and detailed. We will gather together all the facts, photographs, brochures, floor plans, building locations and features for you to determine suitability for your operations.

4: Space Inspections

We don’t just rely on database research. We will personally inspect 5-10 or more spaces for every one that we present to you. Every appropriate building and space we submit to you will already have been previewed by us with an eye toward confirming our research and ensuring the overall suitability for your use. We’ll arrange space inspections for your team at your convenience.

5: Financial Analysis

Based on initial discussions with you to determine the ballpark of acceptable terms, carefully prepared cost projections are produced for each of the buildings that you select from the space surveys and subsequent space inspections. Each analysis includes base rent per foot, loss factor, electrical costs, tax and operating escalations, government program incentives, free rent and/or construction allowances, buildout costs, lease buyouts (if any), cleaning expenses (if any), overtime service cost, net present value calculations, annuity calculations, and any special considerations for a particular building of interest. Detailed comparative analysis of the alternatives will also be provided.

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